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  • This is an amazing company! So much personal attention and caring from the heart! I would recommend it to anyone! – Cassie C. – Los Angeles, CA

    by Cassie C. - Los Angeles, CA
  • Great company. The staff is caring and always do what is needed for the patient. I feel very comfortable leaving my relative in their care. Cathy A. – Los Angeles, CA

    by Cathy A. Los Angeles, CA
  • I have referred many of my clients over to Extended Arms In Home Care and have heard nothing but great reviews. I have even used their services to care for my own relative. Their staff are not only professionally skilled but are genuinely kind human beings. I am extremely cautious to whom I refer my clients to, but Extended Arms service has proven to me that their reputation is solid and quality. North Hollywood, CA

    by North Hollywood, CA
  • Wayne, Fabian, and everyone at Extended Arms Registry are truly the definition (and beyond) of what it is to be caregivers. They take their jobs SERIOUSLY with compassion and treat every one of their clients with true dignity. I’ve seen their work with my cousin who suffered from advanced Parkinson’s Disease. As a nurse myself, I’ve seen many caregivers, but very few have the qualities of those working for Extended Arms.- Lydia S. Los Angeles, CA

    by Lydia S. Los Angeles, CA
  • I am a physical therapist and have been working with a caregiver from extended arms for 18 months. The care and consideration given to our patient is exemplery and goes above and beyond just physical care, but extends to whatever needs to be done. I highly recommend them to everyone. You will not be disappointed. Tina C. – Redondo Beach, CA

    by Tina C. - Redondo Beach, CA
  • Best Senior in home care provider! They respond to their clients needs immediately. They have great caregivers that would live-in or work 12 hour shifts, which is what I really needed for my mom. They have been helpful to my mom’s needs. I would give this company more than five stars if I could. Great, dedicated to their work and clients home care needs! Miss D. – Beverly Hill, CA

  • I had an experience recently that moved me, touched me to the core. A friend’s parent is advancing in years, and it’s a sweet and perfectly natural process of life, of course. During this process, my friend’s dad, a widow…well, it’s become clear that he could use some assistance in certain areas. I was honored to go with my friend to visit a few places that might be suitable for his father to reside in, but nothing felt right. His dad lives in the family home they’ve had for decades, so neither of them really wanted him to move.

    The staff here is friendly and nurturing. I watched my friend juggling his demanding career, assisting his father with errands, housekeeping, etc., and try to have somewhat of a social life (when he wasn’t utterly exhausted). Now that he retained the services of Extended Arms, everyone’s much happier. Thank you!! – Nichole C. Pasadena, CA

    by Nichole C.
  • Extended Arms ! take care of my mother in law The care provided by E.A Senior in Home Care is excellent and they exhibit an expertise and good judgement that can only come from years of experience. As a local, family-owned company their office staff is quick to respond to client’s needs and accessible 24-hours a day. I’m comfortable recommending to anyone who needs care for their loved ones. -Kathy M. Malibu, CA

    by Kathy M.
  • I am a patient that is currently using a nurse from the Extended Arms Registry. In the few short months of using this registry, I have been very satisfied with their service. They have made sure that all of my needs have been met with much ease and patience. I would definitely recommend their services to my friends and love ones. – Tania B. – Los Angeles, CA

    by Tania B. - Los Angeles, CA
  • I love this company! I recomend them to anybody whos looking for a caregiver. I love the staff and people. They are trust worthy and reliable. I love the fact they took care of my dad like he was apart of their family. That’s hard to find companies that actually care and that you can trust.. Thank you guys! Your awesome! – Kevin B. – Los Angeles, CA

    by Kevin B. - Los Angeles, CA
  • My grandmother has been in and out of many senior living facilities and many different home health companies. None of them have been able to take care of my grandmother the way E.A caregiver have! They go out of their way to make my grandmother happy and comfortable at home. I am so glad I have been able to find them to help with my grandmother. Seeing her happy again is what makes me happy! – Joey Y. Beverly Hills, Ca

  • i hired this agency to care for me i was very impress with there service. This is a very good caregiver service. From my experience they put their patient first. i also got to pick my caregiver of my choice. – Sandra M. – Beverly Hills, Ca

  • I was in search for the perfect elderly in home care agency and hired extended arms to help take care of my mother during the day while I was at work. Every since I hired them, my mom has been extremely happy. They visit every day and my mom no longer feels like she is alone while I am busy at work. They Sent a caregiver that provide excellent care and I am extremely happy that I have been able to find a agency that can look after my mom! Thanks for everything; I am much more at ease with the care of my mom. – Joseph T. – Beverly Hills, CA

  • Our granddad had a brain injury and is presently confined to his bed. We had a caregiver throughout the weekdays, but required another throughout the weekends to help him with nourishing, g-tube, Hoyer lift, exchanging to/from hospital bed and other care issues. E.A.R agency was able to connect us to a 24hr caregivers in B.H same-day. They answer the phone quickly and are extremely proactive, love these guys. – Maddison H. – Beverly Hills, CA

  • I was recently looking for a Elderly home care agency to take care of me after my most recent hand surgery. They help to coordinate all my care after my surgery. They are a great group of caregivers that constantly went above and beyond to help me around the house. They constantly helped me to exercise my hand to insure I had 100% recovery of my range of motion. They made me feel like I was right at home! – Ryan C. – Beverly Hills

  • This 24 hour caregiver provider has excellent elderly service. It’s was great for my grandma since she lives so far away and I can’t fly out to Los Angeles every time she needs assistance. They treat seniors with respect and are able to quickly respond to any problems that come up. Their rates are affordable and I really recommend trying them out. -Matt G. – Redondo Beach, CA

  • There elderly care are like no other no contracts no back and fort with different caregiver I had the same caregiver for over a year. would recommend to any senior seeking service -BY Evan T. – Beverly Hills, CA

    by Evan T.
  • A great elderly agency. Very attentive. More than just caregiver, become family to their clients! – Raymond F. – Santa Monica, Ca


Home Health Care Services

Home Health Care Services

Home health care services is health care that is provided to patients inside their home, and usually by either medical professionals or family and friends. The term “home care” suggests that the care provided is non-medical and more of a custodial nature, whereas “home health care services” may suggest licensed staff members. The differences here are similar to the differences between assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Much like assisted living facilities, in home health care services lets seniors enjoy a good measure of independence. An elderly individual or couple will appreciate having privacy as well as assistance in daily living needs.

What Home Health Care Services Provides

What kind of services does home health care provider? Home health care services may help seniors with daily living needs such as bathing, dressing, housekeeping and cooking and dining preparation. Depending on the needs of the resident, there may be special provisions such as transportation services and errands, volunteer programs, exercise and walking, and toileting assistance. More great forms of In-home health care would also provide rehabilitation programs, including visits from physical therapists and nurses. Other qualified home health care professionals may include respiratory nurses, occupational nurses, social workers, mental health workers and physicians.

Anyone in need of In-home health care deserves non-medical care or in-home medical care that is compassionate whether the patient is a child, adult or elder. In home health care services are provided anywhere except for in nursing homes or a hospital. These services may even be provided at an assisted living facility, a school, apartment or house. As far as care plans go, there are a wide variety of personal care and nursing services that are not just available; they are tailored to the needs of each recipient. A registered nurse should provide customised care plans and follow-up assessments. A registered nurse typically supervises the care that is provided by personal care assistants and home health aides. One of these registered nurses should be on call at all times to assist the caregivers as well as to provide medical training and oversight and to implement the plans of care.

Are you aware of the fact that 75% of the healthcare costs in the US are incurred by only 12% of Americans? These people have a somechronic illness. The benefits of this kind of individualised home care include much more than just being able to keep someone at home for their disease as opposed to being institutionalised or put in a long term care facility. As far as cost goes, home care visits are roughly only 10% of what a single day in the hospital will cost.

Additionally, In home health care services has a track record that has been proven when it comes to things such as reducing readmissions to the hospital, expensive visits to the emergency room and in managing chronic illnesses. Also, there is scientific evidence that has proven that patients can heal faster when they are in their homes. Both morbidity and mortality rates are reduced in patients who take advantage of in home health care services. In fact, 90% of seniors facing long-term care in nursing homes prefer to stay home and get the services of a in home health care services provider. This involves both advisings and then assisting families when it comes to determining the necessities of an ageing adult. These caregivers can navigate many of the long term types of care resources that are available in your area. The goal here is to educate and inform the family of what the options are and them to assist them with the implementation of their decision. Typically this is done by an RN who has been certified and specially trained in the area of geriatrics who can provide:

• The services of being a liaison for family members who may live a great distance away.
• Educating and advocating for the patient.

• Assisting with paperwork and forms that are related to insurance, medical assistant and Medicare.
• Screening, arranging for and then monitoring any in-home help or options for institutional or residential care options.
• Care planning that is tailored to the patient.

In the long run home, health care services is a compassionate and caring choice for anyone who needs care and wishes to remain in their home. It can be very overwhelming to have a family member that requires constant attention. Many of us simply do not have the time or the facilities to be on hand at all times despite what you want. You may experience feelings of guilt that you can not do everything their needs of family members and you can not be with them all the time. However, you are not alone. Today, millions of adults around the word are finding themselves in a position where they are juggling caring for older relatives or parents and their life and career. Many people struggle so you should not feel ashamed or guilty about their inability to do everything.

Can be difficult to get the right balance between doing everything possible to their elderly relative and care of their needs and that is why many people are turning to home health care to help lighten the load. Home health care services is an excellent way to make sure you get the relief you need while making sure that his father is still relative or care. In many cases, health care at home is a must for families, allowing the race to get enough rest to make sure they will be able to care properly for the elderly relative in the future.

There are many benefits involved in hiring In-home health care. The main advantage is that the person in question will be getting the best care possible. These people are trained medical staff and now how to take care of your family or parent properly. Have years of experience and a wealth of experience in dealing with health emergencies so you can
trust them.

In addition to providing essential medical care, health professionals at home will give the social interaction that your loved one craves. Nobody likes to be left alone for extended periods of time, and everything you love talking to you, you also really enjoy interacting with others. For some, health care at home is their only connection to the world, and they feel lost.

Chances are it will not always be available to help your loved one with your meals. If you are concerned that you are not eating nutritiously, you are not eating at all or are missing their medication then home health care could help. A staff member can help your loved one with meal times and make sure they take their medication at the right time throughout the day. Health workers at home can also help with any transport problem you may have with your loved one. If you can not reach them to take them to doctors or any other appointment and then they can do this for you and make sure they get their safety.

There are many benefits to hiring more health care at home, but the main thing is that some of the pressure that pulls out and can get back on track with their lives and responsibilities. In home health care services is a practical alternative to try to take on everything yourself. In home health care services can be a godsend for those who do not need help continuing nursing but want to be treated in the comfort of your home. Most people feel more comfortable at home because it is the place where family and friends can come and visit and sometimes familiar environment can help recovery time help. Health care services in the home vary depending on the personal needs of the person who needs care. For some, they just need a little companion care, while others suffer from more severe illnesses and require a more sophisticated medical monitoring.


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