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Aging Parents

Can tending your aging parents affect your career and family relationship?
Yes. Attending your older parents’ needs can hurt your career and relationship.
They need more time and attention than your 10-minute investment to assist them.
It creates time strain, tension, conflicting demands of your work and eldercare commitment – creating stress, confusion and hard choices to be made.
We know that you love your parents and you don’t have to deal with this alone.
As Captain Kirk says, “There’s another way to survive – mutual trust and help.”
Geriatric Care! Consider reaching out to home health care providers.
After all, life is not a one-way street!
Extended Arms is prepped and dedicated to back you up when time has become scarce to invest more time to domestic responsibility.
With the union of our professional home health care providers, the elderly society will maintain a quality life and improve their independence.
We are experienced and professional caregivers that accommodate your loved ones’ physical and mental health needs. We also specialize individual care services at the convenience of your homes.
We cater a constructive, concrete experience to prepare families, communities and our health care structure for our aging neighborhood.
Some of the benefits seniors get from Extended Arms Registry:
1. Companionship. We are not only your caregiver. We are your family.
We check our patients by phone or stopping by the house, taking them out, reading to them, writing letters, hanging out in parks, exposing them to meetup groups their age. We want you to feel at home and feel safe in our arms.
2. Household Assistance . We help them with their shopping, laundry, cooking, preparing meals and other home chores.
3. Administrative Support. We assist them on how to complete forms or documents, manage finances or arrange their apppointments.
4. Personal Care. It may involve help with dressing, eating, washing, taking medication or toileting.
With our special skills in Geriatric Care Management, we assure you that Patient Satisfaction is fully guaranteed.

Extended Arms Registry
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