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  • This is an amazing company! So much personal attention and caring from the heart! I would recommend it to anyone! – Cassie C. – Los Angeles, CA

    by Cassie C. - Los Angeles, CA
  • Great company. The staff is caring and always do what is needed for the patient. I feel very comfortable leaving my relative in their care. Cathy A. – Los Angeles, CA

    by Cathy A. Los Angeles, CA
  • I have referred many of my clients over to Extended Arms In Home Care and have heard nothing but great reviews. I have even used their services to care for my own relative. Their staff are not only professionally skilled but are genuinely kind human beings. I am extremely cautious to whom I refer my clients to, but Extended Arms service has proven to me that their reputation is solid and quality. North Hollywood, CA

    by North Hollywood, CA
  • Wayne, Fabian, and everyone at Extended Arms Registry are truly the definition (and beyond) of what it is to be caregivers. They take their jobs SERIOUSLY with compassion and treat every one of their clients with true dignity. I’ve seen their work with my cousin who suffered from advanced Parkinson’s Disease. As a nurse myself, I’ve seen many caregivers, but very few have the qualities of those working for Extended Arms.- Lydia S. Los Angeles, CA

    by Lydia S. Los Angeles, CA
  • I am a physical therapist and have been working with a caregiver from extended arms for 18 months. The care and consideration given to our patient is exemplery and goes above and beyond just physical care, but extends to whatever needs to be done. I highly recommend them to everyone. You will not be disappointed. Tina C. – Redondo Beach, CA

    by Tina C. - Redondo Beach, CA
  • Best Senior in home care provider! They respond to their clients needs immediately. They have great caregivers that would live-in or work 12 hour shifts, which is what I really needed for my mom. They have been helpful to my mom’s needs. I would give this company more than five stars if I could. Great, dedicated to their work and clients home care needs! Miss D. – Beverly Hill, CA

  • I had an experience recently that moved me, touched me to the core. A friend’s parent is advancing in years, and it’s a sweet and perfectly natural process of life, of course. During this process, my friend’s dad, a widow…well, it’s become clear that he could use some assistance in certain areas. I was honored to go with my friend to visit a few places that might be suitable for his father to reside in, but nothing felt right. His dad lives in the family home they’ve had for decades, so neither of them really wanted him to move.

    The staff here is friendly and nurturing. I watched my friend juggling his demanding career, assisting his father with errands, housekeeping, etc., and try to have somewhat of a social life (when he wasn’t utterly exhausted). Now that he retained the services of Extended Arms, everyone’s much happier. Thank you!! – Nichole C. Pasadena, CA

    by Nichole C.
  • Extended Arms ! take care of my mother in law The care provided by E.A Senior in Home Care is excellent and they exhibit an expertise and good judgement that can only come from years of experience. As a local, family-owned company their office staff is quick to respond to client’s needs and accessible 24-hours a day. I’m comfortable recommending to anyone who needs care for their loved ones. -Kathy M. Malibu, CA

    by Kathy M.
  • I am a patient that is currently using a nurse from the Extended Arms Registry. In the few short months of using this registry, I have been very satisfied with their service. They have made sure that all of my needs have been met with much ease and patience. I would definitely recommend their services to my friends and love ones. – Tania B. – Los Angeles, CA

    by Tania B. - Los Angeles, CA
  • I love this company! I recomend them to anybody whos looking for a caregiver. I love the staff and people. They are trust worthy and reliable. I love the fact they took care of my dad like he was apart of their family. That’s hard to find companies that actually care and that you can trust.. Thank you guys! Your awesome! – Kevin B. – Los Angeles, CA

    by Kevin B. - Los Angeles, CA
  • My grandmother has been in and out of many senior living facilities and many different home health companies. None of them have been able to take care of my grandmother the way E.A caregiver have! They go out of their way to make my grandmother happy and comfortable at home. I am so glad I have been able to find them to help with my grandmother. Seeing her happy again is what makes me happy! – Joey Y. Beverly Hills, Ca

  • i hired this agency to care for me i was very impress with there service. This is a very good caregiver service. From my experience they put their patient first. i also got to pick my caregiver of my choice. – Sandra M. – Beverly Hills, Ca

  • I was in search for the perfect elderly in home care agency and hired extended arms to help take care of my mother during the day while I was at work. Every since I hired them, my mom has been extremely happy. They visit every day and my mom no longer feels like she is alone while I am busy at work. They Sent a caregiver that provide excellent care and I am extremely happy that I have been able to find a agency that can look after my mom! Thanks for everything; I am much more at ease with the care of my mom. – Joseph T. – Beverly Hills, CA

  • Our granddad had a brain injury and is presently confined to his bed. We had a caregiver throughout the weekdays, but required another throughout the weekends to help him with nourishing, g-tube, Hoyer lift, exchanging to/from hospital bed and other care issues. E.A.R agency was able to connect us to a 24hr caregivers in B.H same-day. They answer the phone quickly and are extremely proactive, love these guys. – Maddison H. – Beverly Hills, CA

  • I was recently looking for a Elderly home care agency to take care of me after my most recent hand surgery. They help to coordinate all my care after my surgery. They are a great group of caregivers that constantly went above and beyond to help me around the house. They constantly helped me to exercise my hand to insure I had 100% recovery of my range of motion. They made me feel like I was right at home! – Ryan C. – Beverly Hills

  • This 24 hour caregiver provider has excellent elderly service. It’s was great for my grandma since she lives so far away and I can’t fly out to Los Angeles every time she needs assistance. They treat seniors with respect and are able to quickly respond to any problems that come up. Their rates are affordable and I really recommend trying them out. -Matt G. – Redondo Beach, CA

  • There elderly care are like no other no contracts no back and fort with different caregiver I had the same caregiver for over a year. would recommend to any senior seeking service -BY Evan T. – Beverly Hills, CA

    by Evan T.
  • A great elderly agency. Very attentive. More than just caregiver, become family to their clients! – Raymond F. – Santa Monica, Ca


24hr Caregivers

24hr Caregivers Los Angeles

At present, most people are too busy to take good care of their family. That is why, there are some people who are paid to do the job and they are called, “caregivers”. Their services can be prefixed with family, wife/husband, and child, young or adult. Caregivers usually help any individual with their daily living activities. They are responsible to provide and take good care of someone who has mental disorder, physical disability (e.g. visual impairment or hearing impairment), or to those people whose health is impaired by sickness or because of old age.

If you are looking for the best 24hr caregivers, we are here to help you. 24hr Caregivers provides well trust caregivers. We aim to help the seniors to maintain a high quality life. 24hr caregivers also provide the assurance and the security of having someone who can offer assistance and available around the clock. We also make sure that the caregivers have gone through a screening process to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

Our company is also specialized in providing care and assistance with your daily living activities such as preparing a meal, grooming, bathing, light housekeeping, companionship, personal care assistance, attend to their medication, assistance to medical appointment or run an errands.

Upon dealing with us, you will get the following:

Obtain a highest level of support. We understand the needs of the dependant and we can provide a suitable and accurate care to be given.
Having a 24hr caregiver is easier because the transition have continuity and consistency.
We offer familiarity and companionship. Caregivers can easily connect and give assurance to their patient and can easily form a bond to them.
Give the loved one the opportunity to focus on the important things and to do their job.
Before thinking of having a 24hr caregiver or putting your loved ones life in their hands, you have to make sure that they are qualify enough to do the job. Our company have effective caregivers and thus, our teams know the great amount of responsibilities they have in taking good care of someone. We also have the skills, the abilities and resources to the job. Our company has a wide knowledge on how to handle and support others.

Our role has been highly recognized as an important one because of the increasing rate of persons with disabilities and the aging population in the society. Many organizations help to provide assistance to support those persons and help to develop different kinds of careers to train them as professional care giver. Also, we enhance the psychological well-being of the care-recipients.

Responsive care is very important in building a relationship. It is also beneficial to us because we can develop a sense of social connectedness, self-worth, and efficacy. It also increases the feelings of love and it helps you in building self-confidence in the interpersonal skills of our teams. It also enhances the relationship satisfaction of the recipients and our caregivers.


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24hr caregivers
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